Flourishing in life, not just surviving life

Muriel Buckner provides a holistic approach to total body wellness, including massage, supplements, and personal coaching.

Hoop Workshops

Hoop workshops are more than just waist hooping. Each person will be walking through at their pace different hoop actions , like around the body hand hooping, squats with a hoop, changing directions with the hoop, marching with a hoop, combining different moves to create a personal flow with the hoop.

But movement is only part of the workshop. I hope that through the body movement it shakes loose brain patterns and thoughts that can be explored with childlike curiosity.

Vision Board Parties

Goal setting workshops start with a vision board exploration. To bring mindfulness to the vision that you are personally creating for and of your life. With guided prompts to help you personally focus on your health goals, mental goals, vanity goals, income goals, lifestyle goals, retirement goals, financial freedom goals so that you can create a visual representation of the life you would want to create and live.

Life is sales and you are either selling yourself for success or failure. What do you see and repeat daily? Seeking to change your attitude and your perspective on life starts with curiosity of what could be possible if everything worked out in your favor.

Spa Parties

Spa parties are the way to have wholesome fun with your favorite people without shopping or overeating. It could be as simple as table massage for more deep tissue contact or chair massage with clothes on for a more taster level massage experience. Footbaths and even foot massages can be added based on need. Tarot card reading is also a possible activity during the party.

It can get more personal with adding face treatments that defy gravity and time. If you are a foodie at heart we would love to share our favorite picnic style foods and refreshments at your request. What makes our heart sing most is hosting a full Lake Tahoe experience that will create lovely memories for all attendees for years to come.

Muriel is passionate about massage and individual health.